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Acernis is a leader in drone-acquired data analysis.

Drone Permits

We are experienced in acquiring a variety of drone flight permits. We offer to acquire all necessary permits including to optimize your operations for scaling:

  • Permits to fly fully autonomous beyond the visual line of sight.
  • Permits to fly heavy industrial drones.
  • Permits to fly in controlled airspace.
  • Permits to fly in nature reserves.

Drone Operations

We have extensive experience performing risk assessments and creating standard operating procedures for your Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight case.

Tech Selection

This entails finding the most relevant drone type and sensors for your operation as part of the case analysis. Our expertise in drone technology allows us to use precision in this selection while also finding trustworthy drone operators that you can count on.

Scaling Your Operation

Scaling up operations to make the maximum use of the developed solution for your business.

Economic Analysis

Before an aerial solution is close to be adopted we pursue a rigorous economic analysis considering first what is best for your business.

Technical Applications Planning

We have an entire team dedicated to maximizing the utility and success of your solution.

Project Success

Our team serves you from the initial conversation to the final completion of your business solution.

Product Venture Identification

Our track record shows that our drone based innovation has created new revenue streams for our customers. We offer to develop niche drone-based technology together.

We apply drone technologies to a variety of domains, giving access to new growth opportunities in your business.

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Primary sectors in which we are actively adding value successfully every day:



Structural integrity and long term monitoring extends utility assets service life.



Transforming asset management as well as network planning and optimization.


Energy and Transport

Using asset mapping to provide faster and more cost-effective solutions to manage assets.

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