Our Team is made of experts related to the drone industry.

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach here at Acernis. We have built our foundation on expertise, innovative thinking, transparency and passion for drone technologies. Our team includes experts in:

Drone Systems

D-r-o-n-e. Our drone experts know drones from A to Z. You can count on them to give you access to the newest technologies.

Aerospace Engineering

Our aerospace engineers are following their passion for the skies and showing us the power and flexibility of what drones can do for us.

Systems Modeling

Our hierarchical experts are here to see the big picture and make sure the team isn't missing anything.

Systems Engineering

Our systems engineers work every day to make "better". Problem solvers or solution finders, they are working here at Acernis to help.

Analytics & Software Development

Our software and analytics experts work to uncover insights hidden in your data.
Use the power of analytics to maximize the value of drone data.

Civil Engineering & Structural Analysis

If we see a greater potential business opportunity for you, we offer to develop the niche drone-based technology together.

Drone Software Integration

Research matched with field expertise brings you only the best drone technology solutions.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers are the foundation of our practice. They work with the team through each part of the process.

Economic Analysis

We have experts in economics waiting to analyze and define the potential financial success of your case. They reveal drone data monetization opportunities for you.

Our Vision

At Acernis, we believe that there are novel opportunities in each domain where technology can leverage advantages in efficiency, cost savings, safety and new revenue opportunities. Acernis strives to uncover the most up-to-date, real-time insights, data analytics, and applications for your case.

We believe in the efficacy of a dynamic, interdisciplinary and international team to harvest the full potential of the fast-paced and competitive ecosystem surrounding drone technology and remote sensing.

We ensure that our clients are getting the best quality service from our experts. We believe that drone based innovation requires a holistic approach. This approach in combination with precise execution has the power to successfully improve all our lives.

Our Story

Acernis started with our founder, Charles Ricke, a German national, with a passion for flight. Acernis was founded with the idea to bring state of the art technology to the industry. Within Acernis, Charles combined his practical and theoretical experience of commercial flight instruction, aerospace engineering and contributions to past projects from solar impulse to BVLOS drone flight regulation alongside the Swiss federal office of civil aviation.

Charles built a highly-competent, international and multidiscplinary team. The group is determined to make a tangible impact on Europe and international companies.

Today, Charles supports the company in a variety of operations beyond his role as CEO. He believes in accessing new data with drone technology and elevating its potential through automated, use case specific data analaytics. In this dynamic combination, he finds the real value for improving processes across the globe.

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Charles Ricke


“We are on a mission to lead Acernis to the head of impactful drone solutions.
One handshake at a time.”

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